Uwo Gta Collective Agreement

The Board is a contract that is regularly renegotiated between the union, the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the employer, the University of Western Ontario. The current certification body is valid from September 2012 to August 2015. Articles in the certification body describe the conditions of your employment, including your working conditions, wages, benefits, rights and responsibilities. Institutions and UWO are required by law to comply with this agreement. An electronic copy of the certification body is available on the Local`s website at the following address www.psac610.ca/collective-agreements. As a union, we have gained benefits over the years through collective bargaining. We offer benefits such as financial aid, food aid, medical resources and much more! Welcome to the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) Local 610 – the Graduate Teaching Assistant and Postdoctoral Associate Union at Western University. PSAC Local 610 represents more than 2,000 members through collective bargaining and assistance with workplace complaints. In addition, we support members with the benefits we have gained and help you take local policy action.

The base of the local is its members. The union exists because the TAs and P.A. of the UWO collectively commit to organize to promote their common interests as collaborators of the university. The strength of the local depends on the commitment, solidarity and mobilization of its members, like you. If you disagree with your TA manager over the number of hours worked, the letter works as a contractual agreement. You should keep an eye on your hours and inform your administrator if your work exceeds what was agreed in your specifications letter. To track work schedules, you can use the protocol sheet available on the local website: www.psac It is important to know who your steward leader is, as they provide direct support to members who have problems in the workplace. In the event that a member and the employer disagree on the implementation of the certification body`s terms, the CEO will assist the member in finding a satisfactory solution until a formal complaint is filed.

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